Why Investors in the Pharmaceutical Industry Should Start Investing in Diseases Affecting Poor Countries.

Let’s discuss why investors in the pharmaceutical industry should start investing in drugs, therapeutics and medical devices aimed at treating, managing and ameliorating diseases affecting middle income countries in particular and the ‘global south’ in general. 1. People in Middle Income Countries have money

Why everyone has fewer children today than ever before

Child survival. The dramatic improvement in child survival globally has brought babies per woman to as low as 2.2 in Bangladesh; 2.3 in India and 3.97 in Ethiopia. These are not anomalies. This is the norm. Furthermore, in cities, such as the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, the number of babies per woman is less ...

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This week on GHW we're dissecting the myth of overpopulation as a global health issue.

Mini Hiatus

I don’t like to say it. But I will be taking a tiny hiatus from writing. I am, as ever, dedicated to contributing to this discourse with well researched pieces. Thank you very much to all who read – my readership has grown so much recently and I am grateful to you all. I am ...

SERIES: Part 4 – Consequences of Rising Incidence of Obesity in the United Kingdom

In my opinion, the consequences of increasing incidence of obesity fall into four key dimensions: individual, societal, structural and economic. This is Part 4 of my Obesity in the UK series. If you missed Parts 1, 2, or 3 - mainly dealing with the consequential factors of obesity.

SERIES: Part 3 – Even more causes of rising obesity incidence in the United Kingdom

This is Part 3 of my Obesity in the UK series. If you missed Part 1, or Part 2, you can find them by following the links. 🙂 Like part two, this part addresses causal factors but with a greater emphasis on some indirect causes. Beliefs, Perceptions and Stigmatisation There is evidence to support that ...

The Basics: A beginners guide to acronyms and jargon

It’s been a while since I have published a “Basics” series article. I am grateful for the interest I have received on this humble blog of my musings in areas from economic development to novel treatment modes and health policy. Some of the feedback I have received has been concerning my occasionally excessive use of ...

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